Welcome to The NGC Rabbits Section

Emlyn Pickup

Adrian Tattersley & Andrew Parkinson

My name is Adrian Tattersley and I am privileged to have been chosen as your Captain for the 2023 Season. I am delighted to say that our Vice Captain this year will be Andrew Parkinson and I am so pleased and grateful Andrew is joining me in our venture this season and beyond. Before continuing I wish to record my heartfelt thanks to our prior Captain, Steve Moorhouse. Steve fulfilled his captaincy with great dignity, and I feel sure you will join me in thanking him for his dedication and commitment over the past year.

As we look forward to the 2023 season, I encourage those of you with handicaps 15.5+ to join our section and play in our matches be they club competitions and events, friendlies with other clubs, league matches or the variety of tournament fixtures across Yorkshire. I assure you that all our Rabbits are friendly, encouraging, and supportive. Indeed, this was recognised and commented upon by one Rabbits’ Captain from another club during the 2022 season.

Being a Rabbit golfer is not just about the playing; it’s also about socialising with fellow Rabbits both within our club and with other clubs. Above all it’s great to have fun, relax and be happy. As for the golf, I am a firm believer that a relaxed, happy Section (as it is) can lead to positive results and a successful season.

Please keep an eye out for our fixtures list both on the Notice Board (as you access the men’s locker room) and on the Club’s Website and reach out to put your name forward for a match or two (or more). We begin our season on the afternoon of Sunday 2 April with a fun relaxed internal game followed by some food and a short Annual General Meeting that gives information to one and all about what to expect. Details will be published shortly.

If you want to know more about the Rabbits Section, please contact the Section on please enable javascript to view. I look forward to meeting you and seeing you on the course. Here’s to a great golfing season to you all.
Yours in Golf

Adrian Tattersley
Normanton Golf Club
Rabbits Captain 2023-2024