Playing golf with etiquette - Pitchmark Repair.

We all see examples of golfers playing our great game who perhaps don’t know the rules or maybe they don’t comply with the etiquette expected of golfers. I guess from time to time we have all been guilty of many of the common errors.

To help address these type of issues I would like to show some short instructional video’s over the coming months which I hope you will all consider and if necessary maybe change some of the things we do on the course which perhaps annoys others. If that works then the worst that can happen is we all get along better and of course when we play other courses or invite friends to play our course we are seen as good examples to all.

To start this sequence off I would like to have a brief look at one of the more common complaints I hear when working in the Pro Shop. Unrepaired or badly repaired pitch marks !!!!

As many of you will already know a pitch mark left to itself to fix can take upwards of 28 days for the turf to regain its original condition. Poorly repaired marks can similarly take a number of weeks particularly where the roots have been damaged and a scare is left behind. However, a correctly repaired pitch mark is playable over immediately and of course the grass returns to its original condition within only a few days.

To illustrate this can I ask that you take just a couple of minutes to view the video.

In future months I will bring to this site other short informative videos and trust you will share with me the goal of making us all more informed golfers.

Many thanks

Gary Pritchard
Head Professional: Normanton Golf Club