ClubV1 is the information system used by the golf club for managing memberships and competitions.

MEMBERS HUB - What is it?

  • The MEMBERS HUB is an App for mobile devices (e.g. Phone / Tablet, Apple and Android)
  • The MEMBERS HUB is also accessible from our Club Website for access from any device but especially a PC / Laptop etc. (ideal for those who don’t use mobile device apps.)

What does it do?

The HUB gives you a central point of access, via a single secure login, to information held on the following separate systems:

  • ClubV1, BRS, HowDidIDo, HowDoiPay.

What kind of information?

  • All Competition results (summary)
  • BRS Booking system (without the need to login in)
  • Golfing Information e.g. Handicap & certificate, number of Qualifiers played,
  • Golfing statistics (via HowDidIDo but without the need to login in separately)
  • Card Account Information
    • Balance of each purse
    • Summary of purse transactions
    • Actual individual transaction detail e.g. each item purchased and price
  • Card Top up on line (without the need to login in to ‘HowDoiPay’, you also don’t need the 14 digit receipt number)
  • Membership Subscriptions balance
  • Easy access to club Documents e.g. newsletter, minutes of meetings, section updates etc.
  • Access to a list of members (showing their handicap. Can also show email and phone details but ONLY if they allow it to do so)
  • A ‘Latest News’ feature and ‘Course Status’
  •  ‘Push’ notifications to mobile devices (e.g. an alert to your phone or tablet to bring to your attention some important info e.g. course closed / re-opened etc.)
  • The ability for you to update your personal details, e.g. email address (which will then be changed on our main ClubV1 information system once approved in the office)
  • The ability to manage your APP / HUB privacy settings (e.g. whether your email address and / or phone number(s) are visible to other members)

How do I get it?

The ‘HowDidIDo’ username and password is used as a ‘single secure passport’ to access all the above systems and information, so you must first be registered with the HowDidIDo website.

STEP 1.  REGISTER ON 'HOWDIDIDO' - If you already have a HowDidIDo login (username and password) go straight to Step 2..
Otherwise, please register on HowDidIDo at (The email address must match the address the club hold on your record). You will be asked to identify your club name and confirm the first line of your address (as held by the club on your record). You will be sent an email to verify your address.



  • Web Site. Alternatively you can access the MEMBERS HUB via the web site. Use the Members Menu  item 'Hub' or follow this link:


Whilst logged into the HUB, via the menu, check your Privacy Settings are set as you prefer. (Email address and mobile phone number should default to not being visible, however, setting them to visible would greatly benefit members communicating with each other e.g. for arranging knockout matches).

(If you set these to ‘visible’, they can still only be viewed by Normanton Golf Club current members who have registered to use the HUB)