Mobile Score Input

Qualifying Competitions
We will be re-introducing qualifying competitions in July. To support this, whilst maintaining a safe environment for players and pro Shop staff, we will be using ‘Mobile Score Input’ (MSI) to allow players to input their scores into the system, using their own device (Smartphone / Tablet / Laptop or PC).

Mobile Score Input (MSI)
MSI is a new feature within HowDidiDo, the app that many of us use to monitor our scores and golf (nearly 370 NGC members have already registered with HowDidiDo). It’s really simple to use and will mean that:

  • We minimise the use of the touch terminal in the Clubhouse to enter scores, as we would prefer not to use them for COVID-19 prevention.
  • The Proshop staff will not need to enter every score from every player into the system (reduce cross contamination through card handling and save hours of effort)

How does it work?
In a nutshell, you sign in on your device anytime on the day before you go to the first tee, you will nominate a player in your group to verify your score and you will verify theirs (or someone else’s). At the end of your round you enter your score yourself at the club using your smartphone. If you don’t have a smartphone you can use your Tablet / Laptop or PC as soon as you get home. The full procedure can be found further down this page

How do I access MSI?
Firstly, you need to be registered on ‘HowDidiDo’. If you aren’t registered, check out this webpage

Once registered you can use Sign In and Score entry. It can be accessed either via the mobile 'HowDidiDo' app of from a Laptop / PC via a browser at This short video below will take you through how to use it via the mobile app. On a Laptop / PC via a web browser it is just the same other than 'Todays Golf' is already visible on the menu bar. Please note - we have now enabled sign-in on your device (this is not demonstrated on the video)


The full procedure

  • Ensure you have enough money on your comp account - otherwise top-up
  • Before play - Sign-In to the comp on your device in HowDidiDo (Today's Golf / SIGN IN)
  • Fill out your own Card ensuring all details are correctly input
  • Nominate the player who will verify your score and who you will be verifying
  • Do not exchange your card, fill out your own score as Player ‘A’ however also verify each hole of the chosen person in the ‘markers’ section
  • Once your round is complete sign your card and print in capitals the Markers Name signature who has verified your score
  • Enter your Score into HowdidIdo on your device
  • Place your card in the card collection bin in the club
  • If you can’t enter your score in Howdidido using your mobile device, please take you card home and enter the score using your PC / laptop or tablet. (scores must be entered by 10pm that day at the latest)
  • Keep your card until the following week in the event the comps section wish to check your or the person you have verified score
  • If you do not have any access to a device to enable you to complete mobile score input, then speak to the pro shop.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are we doing this?
    Firstly, we wish to return to qualifying scores as soon as possible. This year we move to the World Handicapping System (WHS) and therefore it is important to get as many qualifying scores in as you can. Currently Gary and Callum are having to handle every card to check them in detail to process social competitions. We wish to reduce the amount of card handling and when we move to qualifying competitions every score, hole by hole, will need to be entered into the computer for handicaps to be worked out correctly. We prefer not use the screens at present (COVID-19) and we could not justify anyone’s time to do this for every player, which would amount to several hours each week.
  • Why can’t we use the touch screens
    We prefer not to for COVID-19 reasons (avoids crowding around the touch screen and minimises cross contamination from touching the screen)
  • Why are you not moving to Qualifying comps now and waiting a week?
    This is a trial period of a week as we do not expect to get everything right! The system itself was only released to us on the 19th of June so unlike most system changes we have not had months to plan. Please bear with us over any bumps in the road.
  • I am worried I will do it wrong.
    If you do it’s not an issue because that is why we are having a week’s trial. The shop is there to help and also, we will put on a helpline 18:00 – 22:00 if you have taken your card home and cannot enter your score (number to be announced). If you forget what to do, the video will be playing on loop on the screen in the entrance.  If you have used the touch screens before we think it is as easy as that to do.
  • I do not have any of the devices to do this. Does that mean I can’t play in competitions anymore?
    If this is the case, please speak to the pro shop we will do a manual check of your card this week. Our aim is not to exclude anyone and therefore we will look at ways to help people who cannot use this system.
  • My Marker has put a different score down to the one I have signed for and entered into the competition, but my score was right?
    It is your responsibility to make sure your marker has returned the correct score for you. Please ask them to confirm hole by hole they have the correct score. If you have done this and it is still incorrect the committee will speak to both individuals separately and make a decision.
  • I have marked a card for someone and the score they have returned is a different score.
    Please tell the pro shop. Your name will be kept anonymous.
  • I saw a leader board will that be active.
    Yes the Leader board will be active Wednesday and Friday all day and from 13:30 Saturday and Sunday. Our view once we return to Qualifying scores a version of this will also be the case however may be a slightly different view.

  • I just don’t want to use mobile score entry, so I just returned my card
    If you are having issues with using the technology, please speak to the Pro Shop staff or helpline. If you don’t do this, your card will not be checked and therefore you will not be eligible for any prizes. If this is done several times when we go live, without you speaking to the Pro Shop / helpline,  you may be also subject to sanctions on entering future club competitions.