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Competition Notes


Members are reminded that :-

1. All voucher winnings earned between 1st November 2017 up until 31st March 2018 must be redeemed in the pro Shop before 1st November 2018.

2. From today (1st April 2018) we commence our 'summer' golf season whereby all competitions winners’ vouchers between this date and 31st October 2018 must be redeemed in the Pro Shop before the start of next year’s summer season on 1st April 2019.

Many thanks for your support.

Ladies - Tuesday 

 Ladies Tuesday -  







Gents-Wednesday 6th June

 Wednesday - Stableford


1st Dave Eaton  40   £30 Voucher

2nd Andy Bell 39  £25 Voucher

3rd Mark Grogan 38  £15 Voucher

4th Jake Stickney  37 £10 Voucher

5th Jon Hathaway  36  £5 Voucher

Gents - Friday - 8th June

Friday -  Stableford


1st Andy Hay  42  £30 Voucher

2nd Sam Marsh 41  £25 Voucher

3rd Dave Husband  41 £20 Voucher

4th Callum Gaughan 41   £15 Voucher

5th Jim Dickenson  41   £10 Voucher

6th Jake Stickney   40   £5 Voucher



Gents - Saturday 9th June

  Saturday -  Pros Day


1st John Howe, Gary Varley, Des Lawson, Liam Betts 94 (Back 9)


2nd Steve Hodgkiss, Dean Blankely, Steve Blankely, Jason Timmins 94


3rd Mark Griffiths, Sid Summers, Martin Evans, A Jackson 92 (Back9)


4th Jack Longley, Adam Kearney, Chris Tunney, Michael Poultney 92 (Back 9)


5th Pete Cumberworth, Steve Cumberworth, Nigel Stroud, Tony Bland 92 (Back 9)


6th Steve Darley, Ian Frobisher, Scott Lindsay, Paul Walshaw 92 (Back 9)


Nearest Pins

2nd Mike Briggs

4th Paul Holmes

10th Pete Wormstone

12th Dave Parker


Long Drive Challenge Bob Craven



Twos Value  

  Ladies - Saturday






Ladies - Sunday  10th June
1st Kay Allsop    76   £10
2nd Janet Gibson  77 £5
Gents - Sunday - 10th June

Gents Sunday -Foursomes Cup

 1st Sam Marsh & Steve McNally  63.5   Winner


 2nd Callum Gaughan & Mark Griffiths   66.5   Runner Up


Two's Pot value is £0.00 Voucher