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Competition Notes


Members are reminded that :-

1. All voucher winnings earned between 1st November 2017 up until 31st March 2018 must be redeemed in the pro Shop before 1st November 2018.

2. From today (1st April 2018) we commence our 'summer' golf season whereby all competitions winners’ vouchers between this date and 31st October 2018 must be redeemed in the Pro Shop before the start of next year’s summer season on 1st April 2019.

Many thanks for your support.

Ladies - Tuesday 26th June

 Ladies Tuesday -  





Gents-Wednesday 10th October

 Wednesday - Stableford

1st  S Johnson  38 Pts  £25 Vch

2nd  A Murphy  38 Pts  £20 Vch

3rd  B Durham  37 Pts  £15 Vch

4th  N East  35 Pts  £10 Vch

5th  P Riley  34 Pts  £5 Vch

Gents - Friday - 12th October

Friday - Stableford



1st  T Brook  38 Pts   £20 Voucher

2nd  L Briscoe  37 Pts  £15 Voucher

3rd  C Newton  37 Pts  £10 Voucher

4th  S McNally  36 Pts  £5 Voucher





Gents - Saturday 13th October

  Saturday - AM-AM


1st  S H Wilkinson, S McCarten, M Allan, R Newton  90 Pts  £20 vch each

2nd  J McGowan, G Bateson, S Dodgson, G Varley  89 Pts  £10 vch each



Twos Pot Value  £5.00




Ladies - Sunday  




Gents - Sunday 14th October

Gents Sunday - Texas Scramble

 1st  C Collinson, T Brook, T Whitehouse, G Lloyd  57.125  £15 Vch each

 2nd  S Dodgson, G Varley, L Varley  57.84  £10 Vch each


Two's Pot value is £0.00 Voucher