Competition Results 2016/17 Season

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Competition Notes


Members are reminded that from today (1st November 2017) we commence our winter golf season whereby all competitions winners’ vouchers between this date and 31st March 2018 must be redeemed in the Pro Shop before the start of next year’s winter season on 1st November 2018.

Many thanks for your support.

Ladies - Tuesday 

 Ladies Tuesday -  





Gents-Wednesday 10th January

 Wednesday - Snow Cup

 1st  J Stirling  30 Points  £10.00 voucher

 2nd  P Murray  28 Points  £5.00 voucher



Gents - Friday - 12th January

Friday -  Stableford


1st  K Speight  34 Points  £20.00 voucher

2nd  P Georgiou  32 Points  £10.00 voucher

3rd  P Monks  32Points  £5.00 voucher

Gents - Saturday 13th January

  Saturday - Yellowball Am-Am


   1st  S Hodgkiss, A Bell, L Briscoe, T Richardson  £15.00 voucher pp

   2nd  L Nightingale, O Durham,  G Boardman, R Surham  £10.00 voucher pp


Two's pot Value  £4.00 voucher

  Ladies - Saturday 

 Ladies Saturday - 





Ladies - Sunday 14th January
Ladies - 9 Hole Stableford
1st  J Vince  17 Points  £10.00
2nd  M Thompson  16 Points  £5.00
3rd  J Gibson  12 Points  £5.00
Gents - Sunday - 14th January

Gents Sunday - FBBB Bogey

   1st  K Birchall & C Hope  6up  £30.00 voucher pp

   2nd  S Marsh & M Cotton   5up  £20.00 voucher pp

   3rd  B Harvey & K Empson  5up  £10.00 voucher pp

   4th  J Gledhill & J Longley  5up  £5.00 voucher pp  




Two's Pot value is £5.00 voucher