Welcome to The NGC EGGS Section

Following the EGGS AGM on the 12th December, which was attended by 80 members, I was elected Captain of the Section for 2018 taking over from Bryan Harvey who has done an excellent job representing the Section and Club through 2017.

I came to golf by “accident” at rather mature age! My sons decided that working in a sedentary occupation dictated that I should find something to do in my leisure hours which gave me exercise: they suggested that I either buy a dog or take up golf: the rest, as they say, is history.

I consider it a to be great honour to be elected as EGGS Captain and hope that I am able to follow in the steps of previous Captains and represent the Section and Club with success.

In 2017 the Section had 125 members and the camaraderie which exists is first class – new members are always welcome and the will find a very friendly group of people with whom they can enjoy a game of golf and a drink afterwards in the Club House.

John Flockton has agreed to be my Vice Captain and we both look forward to welcoming members old and new to the Section. Matches have been planned against other Clubs and we look forward to joining with other members to representing the  EGGS in these matches and providing the membership as whole with an entertaining programme of golf  in 2018.

Graham Fox
EGGS Captain 2018

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