Fri 3   M Snow Cup Indv. Stableford
      L Indv Stableford
Sat 4   M Snow Cup Indv. Stableford
Sun 5   M Snow Cup Indv. Stableford
Wed 8   M Indv. Stableford
Fri 10   M Indv. Stableford
Sat 11   M. AM-AM Stableford
Sun 12   M. FBBB Stableford
      L Indv Stableford
 Wed 15   M Indv Stableford
 Fri 17   M Indv Stableford
 Sat 18   M Snow Cup Indv. Stableford
Sun 19   M Snow Cup Indv. Stableford
      L Indv. Stableford
 Tue 21   E Indv. Stableford
      L Indv Stableford
Wed 22   M. Indv. Stableford
Fri 24   M. Indv Stableford
Sat 25   M. Snow Cup - Indv Stableford
Sun 26   M. Snow Cup - Indv Stableford
      L Indv. Stableford
 Tue  28   E Texas Scramble
      L FBBB 90% Hcap
Wed 29  

M Ind Stableford

Fri 31  

M Trainwreck (NR=Start Again / Points reset to 0)

Sat 1   M Trainwreck (NR=Start Again / Points reset to 0)
Sun 2   M Waltz 0.9
      L Texas Scramble
Wed 5   M Indv. Stableford
Fri 7   M Indv. Stableford
Sat 8   M Texas Scramble
Sun  9   M Ind Stableford
Wed 12   M Ind Stableford
Fri 14   M Ind Stableford
Sat 15   M Individual 3 Club (3 Clubs + Putter) (No sharing) 
Sun 16   M Texas Scramble
Wed 19   M Ind Stableford (scratch - 3/4 Handicap = Starting Points)
Fri 21   M ind Stableford
Sat 22   M ind Stableford
Sun  23   M 4BBB 0.9
Wed 26   M Indv. Stableford 
Fri 28   M  Indv Stableford
Sat 29   M  FBBB Stableford
Sun 1   M Indvidual Stableford (scratch - 3/4 Handicap = Starting Points)
      L Stableford
Tue 3   E Stableford
      L Indv Stableford
Wed 4   M Stableford NQ
Fri 6   M Stableford NQ
Sat 7   M Waltz 0.9 Hcp
Sun 8   M  4 B.B.B Stableford
      L Tri-Am
Tue 10   E Stableford
      L Texas Scramble
Wed 11    M 4 B.B.B Stableford
Fri 13   M Stableford NQ
Sat 14   M Indvidual Stableford (scratch - 3/4 Handicap = Starting Points)
Sun 15   M Stableford
      L Indv Stableford
Tue 17   E Stableford
      L Waltz 90% Hcap
Wed 18   M Stableford NQ
Fri 20   M Medal
Sat 21   M Stableford
Sun 22   M Texas Scramble
      L Stableford
Tue 24   E Waltz
      L Indv Stableford
Wed 25   M Stableford NQ
 Fri 27    M Stableford N.Q
Sat 28   M Captains Drive in 4bbb Shotgun Start
Sun 29   M Ind Stableford Whites (18 Holes Start, Summer Handicaps)
      L Stableford NQ
Tue 2   L  Stableford NQ
 Wed 3    M Indv Stableford (Yellow)
 Fri 5    M. Indv Stableford (White)
 Sat 6   M Am-Am Stableford (90%) (White)
 Sun 5    M Indv Stableford (White)
      L 4BBB Stableford
      R AGM 1:30
Tues 9   L Texas Scramble
 Wed 10    M Indv Stableford (Yellow)
 Fri 12    M Indv Stableford (white)
 Sat 13    M Indv Stableford white)
 Sun 14    M AM AM Stableford (White)
      L Stableford
Tues 16   L 4BBB Stableford
 Wed 17    M Indv Stableford (White)
 Fri 19    M 4BBB Stableford (Yellow)
 Sat 20    M Monthly Medal (Blue)
 Sun  21    M Indv Stableford (White)
      L Stableford NQ
Tues 23



L Stableford NQ

Tigers - Away v City of Wakefield

 Wed 24    M Indv Stableford (Blue)
Thurs 23   Rabbits - Home @ LIV Cavum Trophy 2pm
 Fri 26    M Indv Stableford (White)
Sat 27    M 4BBB Stableford (White)
Sun  28   M Monthly Medal (Blue)
      L EG Medal No1
Thurs 30 Rabbits - Dewsbury - HWL
Wed 1    M Indv Stableford (White)

Ladies C Team Burstwick County 09:00

Rabbits - Away v Woodthorpe 3PM (Rocks Decanter)

 Fri  3    M Aire Cup No 1 (Blue)
 Sat  4   M Horner Cup - Stableford (Blue)
 Sun  5   M FBBB Stableford - 90% (Yellow)
      L Stableford Q
Tues 7  

L Stableford Q

Tigers Away v Woolley Park

E. Indv Stableford

E . Away v Woolley

 Wed  6  

M Indv Stableford (White)

Rabbits - Away -  3PM - Woodthorpe Rocks Decanter

Thu   H L C Team Skidby Lakes 10:15
 Fri  10    M Indv Medal (White)
 Sat  11   M Medal (Blue)
 Sun  12    M Indv Stableford (White)
      L Stableford Q
Mon 13



Scratch - V Garforth

Nett - V Scarcroft 

Tues 14  

L EG Medal 3 + 9 Hole Stableford

Tigers Home v Waterton Park

E. Indv Stableford

E. Home v Shipley Northcliffe



  M FBBB Stableford - 90% (White)

Rabbits - Away - Crookhill - Presidents Trophy WDRGA

Rabbits - Away - Howley Hall - HWL



A Rustico Low Laithes
 Fri  17    M Aire Cup No 2 (Blue)
Sat 18    M Monthly Medal (Blue)
Sun 19    M Indv Stableford (White) 
      L  Dorothy Eccles - Stableford Q
Mon 20



Scratch - V Temple Newsam

Nett - v Horsforth

Tues 21  

L 4BBB Stableford 

Tigers Away v Howley Hall

E. Newlands Trophy

Wed 22    M Indv Stableford (Blue) 
Thurs 21   Rabbits (Reynolds O'Donnel Trophy @ Ponte 3PM
 Fri 24    M Indv Stableford (White)
    A L C Team Skidby Lakes 09:00
 Sat 25    M Rabbits & Tigers Cup (Blue)
 Sun 26   M Monthly Medal (Blue)
      L 4BBB Stableford
Tue 28  

Tigers Home V Darrington

E. Texas Scramble

 Wed 29   

 M Indv Stableford (White)

Rabbits - Home v Scarthingwell 3pm

(Rocks Decanter)

Thurs 28  

Rabbits Home v Scarthingwell Rocks Decanter 3:30pm

Fri 31    M Aire Cup No 3 (Blue)


Sat 1   M Jackson Cup Fhcp Bogey (Blue)  MAJOR
Sun 2  

Shaun Griffiths AmAm Stab  (White)  Members Only


L Joan O'Neil Stableford Q

Mon 3



Scratch - V Oulton Hall

Nett -  V Selby

Tues 4  

Senior Mens Open Day 4BBB

Tigers Away v South Leeds

Wed 5   M Individual Medal Blue
Thurs 6   Rabbits - Reynolds O'Donnell Trophy @ Darrington
Fri 7   Aire Cup No 4 Blue 
    A L C Team Ganstead Park 10:00
Sat  8   Garys Pros Day ( AM-AM) White
Sun 9   Monthly Medal Blue
      L EG Medal No 4
Mon 10



Scratch - V Barnsley

Nett - V Pontefact

Tues 11  

Sheilling Cup - Pairs, Choose own Partners. 10:36

Tigers Home v Low Laithes

E. Indv Stableford

Wed 12   Course Closed (Andy Sellars/ Barclays)
Thurs 13 H

L C Team Burstwick County 10:15

Rabbits - Away v South Leeds HWL

Fri  14   Mens Individual Stab. White
Sat 15    Monthly Medal Blue (Q)
Sun 16   M Coronation Cup - Medal  (Q)  Blue Tees Major
      L Rose Bowl Medal
Mon 17



Scratch - V Leeds

Nett - V Moor Allerton

Tues 18  

L Stableford

Tigers - Home v Wakefield GC

E. Indv Stableford

E. Home V Shipley Northcliffe

Wed 19   

M Individual Stab. Blue

Rabbits - Away v Howley Hall HWL

Thurs 20 H L C Team Ganstead Park 11:15
Fri 21   M Individual Medal White
Sat 22   M Darley Shield Indiv. Stab. Blue Major
Sun 23   M Individual Medal White
      L Stableford
Mon  24



Scratch - V Garforth

Nett - v Wakefield

Tues 25  

L EG Medal No 5 + 9 Hole Medal

Tigers - Home v City of Wakefield

E. Eggs Trophy

Wed  26   

M Indiv. Stab.White

Rabbits - Home v Woolley Park HWL 4PM

Thurs 27  

L Away Day  Woolley Park

Eggs Captain's Away Day - Pike Hills

 Fri 28    M Aire Cup No 5 Blue
 Sat 29   M Medal White Tees
Sun 30   M Presidents Putter Medal Blue
      L EG Medal No 6 
Mon 1 H Scratch - V Temple Newsam  
Tues 2  

L Stableford

Tigers - Away v Hanging Heaton

E. Indv Stableford

E. Home v Howley Hall

Wed 3  

M  4BBB Stab 90%  White Tee

Rabbits - Home v South Leeds HWL 4:30PM

Thurs 4 A L Friendly V Scarthingwell Meet 11am  
 Fri 5


M Medal  White Tee  Individual  
Sat 6   Rabbits & Tigers Open Day  
 Sun 7   M  Individual Stab  White Tee  
      L Ladies Shield - Medal  
Mon 8



Scratch - v Oulton Hall

Nett - V Scacroft

Tues 9  

EG Medal 7 + 9 Hole

Tigers - Home v Woolley Park

E. Indv Stableford

Wed 10  

M Medal Q Yellow Tee

Rabbits - Home v Howley Hall HWL 4:30 PM

Thurs 11 H L Friendly V Hickleeton Meet 10am  
Fri 12   M Indv Stableford White Tee  
Sat 13   Captains day (Open To all)  
Sun  14   M Monthly Medal Q  
      L FBBB Stableford  
Mon 15



Scratch v Barnsley

Nett - V Horsforth

Tues 16  

Stableford Q

E. Indv Stableford

Wed 17  

Indv Stableford Blue Tee

Tigers - Away v Waterton Park

Thurs 18  


Rabbits - Away v Scarthingwell Rocks Decanter

E. Away v Darrington

Fri 19   M Aire Cup No 6   
Sat 20   M Club Championship Rd 1 & Stableford  
Sun 21   M Club championship Rd 2 & Stableford  
      L EG Medal No 8  
Mon 22



Scratch v Leeds

Nett - V Selby

Tues 23  

Ladies Day Medal 11AM

Tigers - Home v Howley Hall

E. Red, White & Blue

E. Home v Cookridge

Wed 24   M Medal White  
Thurs 25   Rabbits - Reynolds O'Donnell Trophy Away @ Pontefract  
Fri 26   M FBBB 90%  
Sat 27   M Monthly Medal Blue  
Sun  28   M Eddie Brophy Trophy Q  
      L Altofts Cup Bogey  
Mon 29 A Nett - V Pontefract  
Tues  30 H

L Friendly Home v  Scarthingwell 11AM

Tigers - Away v Darrington

Brian Chester Trophy

 Wed  31  

M Individual Stableford

Rabbits - Home v Howley + Woodthorpe Clay/Tay/Ray

Thur 1   E. Away v Howley Hall
Fri 2   M Aire Cup 7
Sat 3  

M Medal White Tee

Sun 4  

M Anderson Team Trophy

L EG Medal No 9 Q

Mon 5 A Nett - V Moor Allerton
Tues 6  

Tigers - Home v South Leeds

L EG Medal No 10 + 9 Hole Medal

E. Indv Stableford

E. Away v City of Wakefield

Wed 7  


Rabbits - Away v Lofthouse HWL

Thurs 8  

Ladies - Friendly v Hickleton Away Meet 10am

Fri 9   M Individual Stableford White
Sat 10   Presidents Invitation Shotgun Start Blue Tee
Sun 11  

M Eddie Brophy -  Stableford - Blue

L Stewards Cup - Medal

Mon 12 H Nett - v Wakefield 
Tues 13  

Tigers - Away v Low Laithes

L EG Medal 11  + 9 Hole Medal

E. Indv Stableford

Wed 14   M Stableford - White Tees
Thurs 15   Rabbits - Away v Wooley Park HWL
Fri 16   M Aire Cup No 8
Sat  17  

M Ind Stableford White Tees

L Byram - Mixed Pairs (Book Own TeeTimes)

Sun 18  

M Ind Stableford Blue Tee

L Stableford Q

Tues 20  

Tigers - Away v Wakefield GC

L FBBB 0.9

E. Waltz Team Game

Wed 21   M Medal  White Tee
Fri 23   M Ind Stableford White Tee
Sat 24   M Monthly Medal Blue Tee
Sun  25  

M Garforth Cup Bogey Blue Tee

L Texas Scramble

Tues 27   Eggs Captain's Home Day
Wed 28   M Medal White Tee
Thurs  29   Rabbits - Away @ Bedale LIV Cavum Trophy
Fri 30   M Aire Cup 9
Sat  31   M Greensomes Cup MAJOR
Sun 1  

M Tony Hurley Memorial Medal

L EG Medal 12

Tues 3  

L Stableford + 9 Hole Stableford

E. Indv Stableford

Wed 4  

Ind Stableford White Tee

Rabbits - Home v Woodthorpe Rocks Decanter 3PM

Thurs 5  

Ladies Invitation Day

 Fri 6   M Stableford
Sat 7   M Albert Gill FBBB Stableford
Sun 8  

M Monthly Medal Blue Tee

L Stableford Q

Tues 10  

L Foursome Half Combined Handicap

E. Indv Stableford

E. Home v Woolley

Wed 11  

Indv Stableford Blue

Rabbits - Home LIV Cavum Trophy 2PM

Fri 13   M FBBB White Tees
Sat 14   M Monthly Medal Blue Tee
Sun 15  

M Millennium Scramble

L Pink Tee Medal Q

Tues 17   EGGS Autumn Open
Wed 18   Ind Stableford Yellow Tee
Thurs 19   L Dick & Liddie Greensome
fri 20   M Aire Cup 10
Sat 21   M Jack McElhenney Plate Stableford
Sun 22  

M Stableford (Q) BlueTees & Medal Playoff 

L Stableford Q

Tues 24  

L Waltzer

E. Victory Trophy

Wed 25   M Ind Stableford White Tee
Fri 27   M Ind Stableford Yellow Tee
Sat  28   M Ind Stableford White Tee
Sun 29  

M Foursomes Cup

L Millenium Scamble

Tues  1  

L Stableford + 9 Hole Stableford Q

E. Indv Stableford

Wed 2   M Stableford White Tee
Thurs 3   Ladies Autumn Open Texas Scramble
Fri 4   M FBBB 0.9
Sat  5   M Texas Scamble
Sun 6  

M Foursomes Cup - Blue Tees

L Stableford Q

Tues 8  

Texas Scramble

E. Indv Stableford

Wed 9   M FBBB White Tee
Fri 11   M Aire Cup 11
Sat  12   M Jack Fox Trophy Red White Blue
Sun 13  

M Texas Scramble

L Turkey Trot

Tues 15  

Stableford Q

E. Texas Scramble

Wed 16   Stableford Blue Tee
Fir 18  


Sat 19   Stableford Yellow Tee
Sun 20  

M Stableford Blue Tee

L FBBB 0.9

Tues 22   E. Indv Stableford
Wed 23   M FBBB
Fri 25   Stableford White
Sat 26   Presentation Shot Gun Blue Tee
Sun 27  

M Stableford 14 Holes Starts

L Tri-Am

Tues  29  

Stableford 14 Holes

E. Indv Stableford (14 Holes)

Wed 30   M Stableford -14 Hole
Fri 1   M Stableford White Tees
Sat 2   M Yellowball .9 
Sun 3  

M Stableford


Tues 5  

L Stableford

E. Indv Stableford

Wed 6   M Stableford
Fri 8   M Medal
Sat  9  

M Bobs Reverse Waltz 0.9

Sun 10  

M 4BBB 0.9

L Stableford

Tues 12  

L 4BBB .9

E. Indv Stableford

Wed 13   M Stableford
Fri 15   M Stableford
Sat 16   M Stableford
Sun 17  

Trainwreck (NR=Reset to 0)

L Texas Scramble

Tues 19  

L Winter Alliance

Wed 20   MStableford
Thurs 21   E. Dusty Bin Team Game
Fri 22   M Stableford
Sat 23   M Texas Scramble
Sun 24  


L Stableford

Tues 26   E. Indv Stableford
Wed 27   M Stableford
Fri 29   M Stableford
Sat 30   M Stableford

M Multiplier

L Texas Scramble

Tues 3  

L Wassail Cup 9 Hole Stableford

E. Indv Stableford

Wed 4   Snow Cup
Fri 6   Snow Cup
Sat 7   Snow Cup
Sun 8   M Snow Cup
Tues 10   Eggs Xmas Dinner & AGM
Wed 11   M Ind Stableford
Fri 13   M Stableford
Sat  14   M FBBB
Sun  15   M Waltz 0.9
Tues 17   E. Indv Stableford
Wed 18   M Snow Cup
Fri 20   M Snow Cup
Sat  21   M Snow Cup
Sun 22   M Snow Cup
Wed 25   XMAS DAY
Fri 27   M Stableford
Sat 28   M Waltz 0.9
Sun 29   M FBBB Bogey