Course Status

All courses are unfortunately subject to bad weather conditions on occasion, giving rise to restrictions, or occasionally, closure. As part of our service to members and visitors we have improved access to information about the course status.

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Method 1.

Via this web site. The main and members home page will display the current Status of the course

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Method 2.

Via Twitter. If you are a twitter user, simply 'follow' @NGC_Status and you will automatically receive updates as soon as they are published. Ideal for mobile phone users.

If you are not a twitter user, then its very simple to sign up and follow us on your phone, PC or tablet.

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Method 3.

We have introduced a recorded announcement, via the standard golf club phone number. Just call 01924‑377943 or 01924‑200900 and at the menu prompt, press 0 for the course status.