Online Card Top Ups and Bill Payments


The club has implemented the latest version of Club Systems 'Golf Management' application, called Club V1. Among the new features available is the ability to top up your Membership Card 'purses' online, using a credit or debit card. This is a very simple and secure process, and utilises the world renowned and highly secure, online payment system, Sage Pay. This new facility is called HowDoiPay.

It will also be possible to pay your annual subscriptions bill via this method. We will be sending you more information on online annual bill payment when the 2017 bills are issued. This will also include how you can apply to pay by Direct Debit (monthly payments) online.

No more delays at the counter or bar while you top up before a purchase. No more having to make a special trip to pay your annual bill, or queuing outside the office while other people are paying theirs.

Card Top ups

Topping up online couldn't be simpler. Each till receipt will have a unique code printed at the bottom.

  • Go to, the screen will display two boxes to enter the two part code into.
  • When asked, enter your Surname
  • Pick which purse you wish to top up and state by how much
  • You will then be able to pick a Debit / Credit Card and Sagepay will take care of the rest
  • You will receive an email confirming the transaction.

Bill Payments

Annual Bills will have a HowDoiPay code, you will follow the same procedure to pay online. More details on bill payment will come with the bill.