Rules of Conduct

We aim to ensure all our visitors and members enjoy their golf, and to that end have a few simple rules. Please help us by ensuring you and your fellow golfers abide by them. Happy Golfing!

Dress Code
On The Course
- Golf shirts with collars, roll neck or crew neck maybe be worn and must be worn inside waistbands unless specifically designed otherwise
- Ladies may wear collarless blouses/tops either tucked in waistbands or not
- Smart tailored shorts maybe worn, but must be worn with socks of any length and colour
- Recognised golf shoes must be worn on the golf course
In the Club House
- Shirts should be worn inside waistbands unless specifically designed to be worn outside
- Shoes and socks must be worn
- In summer months footwear designed to be worn without socks are acceptable
- Smart trainers and smart jeans maybe be worn in the 19th/Balcony area
- Outdoor clothing, waterproofs etc must be removed
Clothing not permitted on the Course
- Denim Jeans
- Replica Shirts
- Tracksuits
- T‑Shirts
- ¾ Length Shorts
Mobile Phones
On The Course
- To avoid unnecessary distraction, use of mobile phones is not permitted on the course
- Exceptions - To receive or make an emergency call.
If you do have an very important reason to have your phone on, the following applies
- You must inform the Pro or his staff before commencing play
- The phone must be on 'silent mode'.
In the Club House
To ensure all our visitors, guests and members have a relaxed and enjoyable time, the following applies
- Phones can be switched on, but should be in 'silent mode'.
- Making or receiving calls is not permitted in the bar and lounge area. (the corridors etc are permitted)
- Phones can be used for internet access or the use of texting or 'apps', but again, must be on 'silent mode'
General Conduct
On The Course
We request that all the normal golf etiquette rules are abided by, e.g. repairing pitch marks, replacing divets, raking bunkers, speed of play (keeping up with the players in front, else letting through the group behind), and in addition:
- No shouting on the course
- No misuse of Equipment (e.g. throwing of clubs)
- No aggressive behaviour. (The club has a 'zero tolerance' policy to aggressive behaviour and appropriate action will be taken)
In the Club House
We wish to maintain a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for all our visitors, guests and members, and respectively request that:
- There is no use of foul, abusive or offensive language
- There is no aggressive or intimidating behaviour


The above rules are designed to make your visit an enjoyable one. All staff, officials and members of the club have the authority to bring a lapse in the use of these rules to your attention. In the unfortunate circumstance that you refuse to abide by them you may be requested to leave the club. Thank you for your anticipated support.