If you want to join a club with a great course, fantastic clubhouse and a wide variety of competitions and events, then look no further!

Membership offer - Ladies and Juniors

1st year introductory offer for Ladies, only £500.00 to pay and includes 2 free lessons (please note, as an introductory offer, this does not apply to returning ex members)

1st year introductory offer for Juniors, 0nly £20.00 for juniors up to 14yrs old, £50.00 for Juniors 15yrs to 18 yrs, fully inclusive


Up to 15 months - 7 Day Membership offer

Our 7-Day Membership waiting list is now open for 2024!
Up to 15-month membership for the price of 12, starting from 01/01/2024.

Membership Period: Begins: 01/01/2024 - Ends: 31/03/2025

Membership Details:
* January to March 2024: Enjoy a 7-day intermediate membership. (Full 7-day access with the only difference of booking weekend tee times on a Friday (8 days before) versus Wednesday (10 days before) for full 7-day members.)

* April 2024 to March 2025: If you're above 30, you'll be upgraded to a full 7-day membership.

During winter months we play competitions on a 14-hole loop to maximise tee slots. Our competitions take place on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday for our EGGS Section (Over 55s)

Membership Fees: £1200.00, Includes £30.00 bar credit (to spend in the bar or halfway house). (Affiliation fees for England Golf and Yorkshire Union of Golf clubs fees will be invoiced separately in April (£14.75).)

Limited Spaces! Act Fast! Places are strictly limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

To learn more about this offer or to secure your membership, please contact our office at 01924 377943 opt or email us at please enable javascript to view
Don’t miss out on this amazing deal!


7 Day Membership

This type of membership has unlimited 7 days per week access to play golf whenever the course is open for play. 7 Day Members have access to all Club Competitions.

7 Day Intermediate Membership

This type of membership has 7 days per week access to play golf whenever the course is open for play and includes access to all Club Competitions but with the restriction that weekend tees can only be booked 8 days in advance (as opposed to 10 days in advance for full 7 day members).

5 Day Membership

This type of membership has limited access to play golf, restricted to midweek (Mon-Fri only). If 5 Day Members want to play on a weekend they will have to pay a green fee in order to play.

Age related Membership

Any of the above 3 types of membership are also available for 21-30 yr olds at reduced rates (see table) to encourage younger persons to become actively involved in Golf.

Junior and Youth Membership

This type of membership is available from 7-18 years of age (Juniors) and 19-20 years of age (Youths) and is heavily discounted to encourage membership from golfers starting at a young age (see page for any introductory offers). Booking rules are the same as the 'Intermediate' memberships in that weekend tees can only be booked 8 days in advance (as opposed to 10 days in advance for full 7 day members)

Lady Membership

Whilst the membership subscription rates above don’t differ between male and female golfers, there are usually some introductory offers available for ladies new to Golf and new to the Club to encourage more women to become involved in Golf. (see above for any introductory offers).

Country Membership

This type of membership is for anyone who wants to play the golf course but doesn’t live in the region and has to travel a considerable distance to play. Therefore this membership is only available to anyone living 40 miles or more from the Club based on the shortest route on Google maps.

Pro-Rata Membership

This membership is only available for new golfers joining the club midway through the golfing year in their first year of membership and is not available until 1st August at the earliest, when a discounted rate will apply based on the pro-rata’d months left available to play. Please call for details.

Social Membership

This type of membership doesn’t have any playing rights, but does allow you to enjoy member rates in the bars. Any Social Member wanting to play will have to pay a green fee, however, for existing full members, moving to ‘Social Membership’ does retain you as a member of the Golf Club and is particularly convenient if you have a long-term injury or illness, meaning that when you do fully recover and want to start playing once more you would not have to wait at the back of any queue on the list waiting for membership.
Moving from social to playing membership however, cannot be considered for short or medium term absence and can only be considered following a significant length of absence from playing, i.e. a 4 month minimum period from the start of the financial year (so August 1st at the earliest).
Members unfortunately are not allowed to suspend their membership once paid due to the on-set of any injury or illness.


Below are our 2023/24 Subscription Year Rates (which exclude the following Golf Union Levies)

Golf Union Fee Applies to
England Golf £9.50 All Golfers
Y.U.G.C. £3.95 All Male Golfers
YLCGA £6.50 All Female Golfers 18 and over
YLCGA U18 £2.00 All Female Golfers under 18 years
Age Type Subs Joining fee
31+ 7 Day £1,092 Currently Full £0
31+ 7 Day Intermediate £1,011 Currently Full £0
31+ 5 Day £902 £0
21‑30 7 Day Currently Full £0
21‑30 7 Day Intermediate 21yrs= £395 then £56 steps to £899 for 30yrs Currently Full £0
21‑30 5 Day 21yrs= £286, then £56 steps to £790 for 30yrs £0
20 Youth 20 £162 £0
19 Youth 19 £146 £0
18 Junior 18 £129 £0
17 Junior 17 £112 £0
15‑16 Junior £84 £0
12‑14 Junior £67 £0
7‑11 Junior £39 £0
  7 Day Country £655 (Travel Distance Conditions apply) Currently Full £0
  5 Day Country £597 (Travel Distance Conditions apply) £0
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