Tigers Fixtures - 2022

The tigers section competes in the North Leeds League and the Heavy Woollen League and will play at the following courses...

Woolley Park City of Wakefield
Garforth Bradford
Whitwood Low Laithes
Headingley Darrington
Hanging Heaton Wetherby
Horsforth Wakefield GC
Moor Allerton Howley Hall
Waterton Park  

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Please find below a list of the Tigers Fixtures for 2022.








8 April Friendly Selby Normanton Tigers  L
13 April Friendly Normanton Tigers Normanton Tigers
14 April Friendly Normanton Tigers Normanton Rabbits
17 April Friendly Wyke  Normanton Tigers
19 April  HWL Waterton Park  Normanton Tigers
26 April   HWL Normanton Tigers  City of Wakefield
3 May   HWL Normanton Tigers  Hanging Heaton
5 May NLL Garforth Normanton Tigers 
10 May   HWL Normanton Tigers Wooley Park 
11 May NLL Normanton Tigers  Howley Hall
17 May  HWL Howley Hall Normanton Tigers
19 May NLL Normanton Tigers  Headingley
24 May HWL  Whitwood  Normanton Tigers
31 May HWL  Low Laithes  Normanton Tigers 
1 June NLL Selby Normanton Tigers 
8 June HWL Wakefield Normanton Tigers
8 June NLL Normanton Tigers  Sand Moor  W
14 June HWL  Normanton Tigers  Darrington 
16 June NLL Scarcroft Normanton Tigers 
21 June  HWL  Normanton Tigers  Waterton Park   
28 June  HWL City of Wakefield  Normanton Tigers    
29 June NLL Waterton Park Normanton Tigers   
5 July HWL  Hanging Heaton  Normanton Tigers    
6 July NLL Normanton Tigers  Garforth  
12 July HWL  Wooley Park  Normanton Tigers    
13 July NLL Howley Hall Normanton Tigers   
19 July HWL  Normanton Tigers Howley Hall   
26 July  HWL  Whitwood  Normanton Tigers    
27 July NLL Normanton Tigers  Headingley  
2 August HWL Normanton Tigers   Low Laithes  
3 August NLL Normanton Tigers  Selby  
9 August  HWL  Normanton Tigers  Wakefield  
10 August NLL Sand Moor  Normanton Tigers   
16 August  HWL  Darrington  Normanton Tigers   
17 August NLL Normanton Tigers  Scarcroft  
24 August  HWL  Selby  Normanton Tigers    
31 August  NLL Normanton Tigers  Waterton Park