Royal Normanton Golf Club. Tigers versus Rabbits.

Wednesday 18th April 2018.


The long awaited pre-season warm up challenge trophy match between the 2018 Tigers and Rabbits Sections after a long wet winter and even wetter early Spring. The last day of the mats, 4 days rain free, the course having had its first cut and suddenly it appeared transformed.

24 golfers, nearly 25 at one point, amassed on the terrace and exchanged pleasantries, and some not so (let’s think of it as banter). The Tigers persistently tried every trick in the book in order to seek any competitive advantage they could, as oh boy did they need it since the ¾ handicap difference had been upped to 0.9.
Some pre mind-games with hints of Wabbit Bashing all fell on deaf ears with the fluffy tailed section remained calm and dismissed each quip with the contempt it rightly deserved.

The holders of the trophy were of course the Rabbits and the Tigers were smarting after their mauling in the Autumn of last season. It was time to rumble, and it wasn’t just the stomachs that could be heard!

There was also noise of an international edge to the contest as 4 of our kind were playing at the Montgomerie in Belek, Turkey and it just so happened that 2 were of the Tiger breed and 2 were Rabbits (one being the Rabbits Captain 2018, John Snelling). However, as is the custom, the trophy can only be won on Normanton soil, which is just as well I suppose as the Rabbits pair ripped up the Montgomerie with the main match at a sunny Normanton GC ending in an honourable 3-3 draw.

Great game. Great camaraderie. Great laughs. Great golf. Great fare and the raising of a glass afterwards was a fitting end. A massive thanks to John Sherwin and Paul Simms for getting this game on and also to the Tigers Team on the night that fought to the very end and delivered a very fitting result. What a fantastic way to kick off our league golfing season. Well done one and all.  

Finally a personal note to the Rabbits Section from an ex-Rabbits Captain is appropriate I feel. I wish you all the very best of golf (and luck) in the coming season and I hope you are promoted to the 1st division where you rightly belong. Our coming together to deliver a successful Rabbits and Tigers Open Day continues to go from strength to strength and our collective team work is testament to our friendships, our mutual respect, our great sense of humour and our love of golf.
All the best for 2018 boys and I look forward to our return match in the Autumn.

Simon ‘Willy’ Wilson
Tigers Captain 2018