Greens Committee Minutes

Date – Thursday 8th February 2018
Attendees Andy Booth - Dave Crampton – John Whiteley

1. Apologies

Gary Pritchard

2. Previous minutes discussed and Actions Schedule updated. 

    • The current condition of the course and playing conditions were again discussed. It was agreed that at this time as a consequence of the high water table and the number of very wet areas that mats should be employed “through the green” and if necessary trollies should be restricted particularly after heavy rain or when re opening the course after closure. Action Dave C & Gary P to constantly review winter playing conditions.
    • The H&S report from Barracloughs has still not been received.  It was confirmed that NGC had paid the invoice and that a further chase up email requesting this documentation had been sent.  Action Andy B to again chase up if not received within 2 weeks.
    • Extensive use of rope and white line directions indicators will continue to be used throughout the course varying direction of footfall if required.
    • Additional beech saplings have been sourced and planted near the main A642 entrance concentrating mainly on the new exposed area between the War Monument and existing hedge.

Green keepers update

  • Winter work update
    • The 4th hole is complete except for placing sand back in the greenside bunker.  This bunker will remain GUR to allow the edging turf to further establish and sand will be installed nearer to the commencement of the “real” golf season in March.
    • The 7th path and amendments to the teeing area approach are almost completed. The final path surface will be undertaken together with all other paths once all winter work on these tasks has been completed.
    • Trees between the 1st and 18th have been felled, burnt in situ or logged for members to take. The stumps will be grounded and the area seeded prior to the season commencing.
    • The path on the 13th is almost complete.  We await turf for the edges and topping as per 7th.
    • The relocation of the buggy bridge on the 18th will commence within the next week or so subject to weather and ground conditions allowing machinery to operate in that area.
    • The old matting path on the 12th hole to the right of the green from the road through the small copse will be replaced with a similar construction to the paths created on 4,7 and 13.  Work to commence within the next two weeks.
    • The work on the 6th fairway will be completed as soon as weather conditions permit heavy machinery to work in this area as will the drainage work on the greenside bunker also on the 6th
  • Other course work
    • Moss killer has been applied on our greens which have now been verti cut twice spiked and fed.  It is anticipated that the unsightly brown dead moss will be overtaken by new grass growth as soon as weather conditions allow grass to grow again.
    • Extensive work to “service” bunkers took place which unfortunately was washed away by further heavy rain.  This work will be resumed on Friday 9th February which will hopefully bring bunkers back into play for the weekend.
  • Maintenance work
    • Work will now commence on servicing the machinery fleet prior to the upcoming seasons demands.
    • The pick up truck has again been out of service as a result of its rear springs breaking.  These will be replaced immediately.
    • Dave C raised concerns that the existing Toro Workman 3300d had again broken down and that the sourcing of a replacement engine or parts to fix has proven unsuccessful. This machine was purchased in 2000 and although at nil book value still represented a valuable asset to the working of our greens team. The machine was scheduled for replacement in 2019 with current new prices around £30k, although possible second hand machines were on the market between £6-10k.  It was agreed that this matter should be taken to the finance director for consideration together with alternative finance options and movement of replacement machinery across the planned schedule.  Action Andy B to take request to Finance Director


4. Professional update

  • A request has been received from the Scratch Team Captain to allow a two ball entry in the Daily Mirror knockout to be played from grass through the green in late March.  It was agreed in principle to support the request subject to course conditions at that time which with fair weather might see the introduction of similar playing conditions throughout the week.

5. John W update

  • It was suggested that we once again host a “members night” where volunteers could assist the course presentation by divot filling and collecting litter early in the season.  It was agreed that this would best suit the needs of the course if undertaken on the Friday prior to migration from preferred lies.  Most probably late April dependent upon weather. Action Andy B to obtain finance for Pie n Pea plus Pint for all attendees.


6. Greens Director Update 

  • An update on the green keepers hut extension advised that the selected quote has been passed to the finance team for approval which was granted in principle.  As a result, a request has been made to the preferred suppliers to provide a provisional contract to be considered. 
  • A suggestion was discussed to cover the 2nd path with the same material as the new paths on 4, 7 and 13.  It was agreed that this would be undertaken as part of the final stages of path work completion.


7. Verbal requests from members.

  • A complaint was made that the flags have been located in the same position on our greens for the last three weeks which was seen as excessive.  This was discussed and it was established that the flags have been in place for two weeks which was a deliberate decision after the closure of the course for the bulk of the first week. Flags to be changed Friday 9th February as per the normal one-week rotation in winter.


8. Emails from members

  • No emails received


9. AOB

  • An offer from Wolley Park golf club to permit the hiring of both an Air2g2 machine to aerate greens and the loan of their leaf collecting machine were discussed.  It was agreed that the prices suggested appeared reasonable and that both machines could prove useful in the presentation of the course to members.  Action Dave C to enquire re alternative prices for Air2g2 and capacity to cover all our greens in one week and to identify 2 weeks late in the year for potential leaf collecting.


10. Date and time of next meeting.

  • 3pm Thursday 18th March 2018