Greens Committee Minutes

Date – Thursday 16th August 2018

Attendees Andy Booth - Dave Crampton – Gary Pritchard - John Whiteley

1. Apologies


2. Previous minutes discussed, and Actions Schedule updated. 

  • The action around Air2G2 was discussed together with our previous decision to delay hollo tinning the greens during the extensive dry period.  Both actions presenting a risk to the greens through lifting dry areas and adding to the loss of moisture retention.  It was agreed to hollo tine during October when it was expected the dry period would be over and to allow members the uninterrupted use of greens whilst they remain in summer condition. Additionally, it was agreed to request the Air2G2 contractor be engaged asap on greens, surrounds and some sample tees Action Dave C to oversee
  • White hoops have been installed to the right of the 10th green seeking to minimize excessive footfall on the GUR area.
  • Additional signage has been placed out on the course directing golfers from tee to green. Several of which have already been stolen / removed.  These will be replaced.
  • The practice green and bunker received some considerable repair work during July which even when watered daily has still suffered from excessive footfall. The greens location limits sunlight and air movement due to sizable trees nearby and encourages disease as the green remains wet whilst others dry out earlier in the day.  Looking to the future it was agreed that the green would benefit from some winter closure to help retain health and that the old putting green in front of the pro shop could be used as an alternative. Dave C to oversee
  • Costings for the refurbishment of the practice nets were provided by Dave C at £1549. This was discussed and agreed outside of our funding levels. The facility is around 15 years old and has been regularly maintained and whilst a temporary repair was possible this was felt to be only delaying the inevitable. Andy B to take costings to BoD for consideration.
  • The willow tree to the front of the 8th tee was discussed. It was agreed that in the future some action would be necessary in respect of this tree.  Options to remove some growth or the whole tree were discussed and the impact this would have on the way varying standard of golfers would play the hole.  It was agreed that this is an issue which will require direction in the near future.  Action Andy B to seek members views via monthly update.

3. Green keepers update:

The condition of our greens remains good with several members and visitors expressing support when comparing them with others they have played on recently.  Speed has remained around 11 to 11½ when measured on Fridays.

Some yellowing discolouration of greens has developed which will be addressed in the following week with a light application of liquid fertilizer to greens and aprons.

With the weather having broken much of the course is beginning to return to a light green rather than the brown we have seen for several weeks.  Concern remains over some heavy footfall areas particularly in play areas such as around greens. A ten-yard white line has been installed on the 11th and 18th greens seeking to minimize excessive trolley / buggy wear in these areas.

A meeting has taken place with Dave Finch, who has provided the stone to form the steps in the waterfall, concerning the necessary work on the 18th waterfall.  A basic plan has been agreed with work expected to start mid-September.  On these days the 18th hole will be played as a Par 3 from over the ditch allowing green staff a safe working environment to undertake the task.  Particular thanks were also expressed to John Sheard who kindly offered some additional stones for use in the construction.

4. Professional update

Gary advised the meeting that an assessment of the course SSS would be taking place soon having received notification and preliminary questionnaire from the Yorkshire Golf Union.  The questionnaire has been completed and returned with an expected date for assessment to be notified in the near future.

5. John W update

Nothing raised

6. Greens Director Update 

Feedback from members and officials at the club remains positive which should be conveyed to the green staff for their hard work and professionalism

7. Course Health & safety Report

An update on outstanding H&S issues was delivered by Dave C.  This is work in progress with the key developments this month focusing on the installation of new “bells” on the 5th and 6th holes together with additional awareness signage.

8. Verbal requests from members.

  • A request was received to consider the introduction of an “out of bounds” ditch for the 13th hole suggesting the existing markers were unclear.  This was discussed and decided against with the alternative of additional white stakes to be used. Action Dave C to implement
  • A request was received to have the hedge to the side of the 2nd path cut back which was striking passengers in buggies.  Action Dave C to contact farmer and request all hedges be cut.


9. Emails from members

  • None received

10. AOB

Nothing raised


11. Date and time of next meeting.

  • 10am Thursday 20th September 2018