Greens Committee Minutes

Date – Wednesday 11th January 2018
Attendees Andy Booth - Dave Crampton – Gary Pritchard

1. Apologies

John Whiteley

2. Previous minutes discussed and Actions Schedule updated. 

    • Changes to OOB on 1st and 9th holes confirmed from walk through.  To be implemented on next print of club scorecards. Action Gary P to oversee
    • Green Keepers hut extension update. An alternative  supplier has been identified.  Proposed quote submitted to Finance for consideration. Action Andy B to await outcome from finance
    • A discussion took place in respect of the longer term development of the course where it was agreed that at this time significant changes could not be made due to financial constraints.  It was agreed that raising the “quality” of the playing conditions and a gradual winter program of work would be the most efficient way forward.
    • Feedback on the “earthquake” video has been positive and it was agreed that further instructional / informative videos on golf course management of etiquette to be sourced and circulated to the membership when available. 
    • The current condition of the course and playing conditions were discussed. It was agreed that at this time mats on closely mown areas only and preferred lies “through the green” should be maintained however this to be reviewed on a weekly basis by Dave C and Gary P Action Dave C & Gary P to constantly review winter playing conditions.
    • The H&S report from Barracloughs has as yet still not been received.  Action Andy B to confirm with the office if the invoice has been paid.
    • A bench has been installed to the rear of the 18th tee.  Ideally this will deter golfers from waling alongside the tee and encourage the use of the path through the trees.
    • Ladies red tee markers have been retained on specified holes where play from the winter tees was agreed as too challenging.
    • The alternative pathway through the woods to the right of the 6th winter tee has been cut back and floor laid with woodchip to help reduce footfall on the wet area before the bridges.
    • Extensive use of rope and white line directions indicators has been used throughout the course.  The majority of members are following these instructions with only a few failing to comply.

3. Green keepers update

  • The winter program of work continues to take up the bulk of green staff time which is only slightly behind schedule due to weather restrictions.
    • Work on the 4th is almost complete with delivery of turf to the greenside bunker anticipated next week after which sand will be installed.
    • Work on the fairway bunker on the 6th has been curtailed due to the soft ground conditions however it is anticipated that work on this bunker and the greenside bunker on the 6th will commence again in the near future including drainage provision and shaping.
    • A new path has been commenced on the 7th which has received very favourable feedback from members.  The area to the side of the tee has been filled in and leveled and the path constructed to the fairway.  Top dressing of the path with road shavings will continue.
    • Road shavings will be added to the 2nd path to help provide a smoother walking surface and all paths will be reviewed at the end of the winter after rolling to provide a base for a  crushed red tile finishing
    • Work has commenced on the copse between the 1st and 18th to remove excess trees and allow grass growth beneath trees.  This should be concluded next week after which all tree stumps will be “grinded, top dressed and seeded”
  • Aside from the winter schedule core course maintenance has continued together with work on our machinery much of which is aging and less reliable than new..
    • All greens have been spiked at least twice with an estimated 125,000 holes cut into each green.  This has aided the passage of water through the surface making the course playable in very wet conditions as well as helping frost reach the lower soil attacking disease. breaking up the soil structure and supporting future grass growth.
    • Work will commence next week on the maintenance of all bunkers.  Although often not in play at this time of year their longer term health requires sand be agitated and debris such as leaves and twigs be removed.

4. Professional update

  • A concern was raised through the Pro Shop regarding “moss” on greens.  Dave C confirmed that Moss on greens is particularly evident at this time when greens turn pale due to frost and then sit damp after rain. This is to be treated with suitable chemicals as soon as the weather warms up in compliance with the manufacturers instructions for use. This may take two applications and the addition of the already planned use of winter feed to all greens.
  • Overall feedback through the Pro Shop has been favourable with many members in particular giving positive feedback about the work undertaken on paths.

5. John W update

  • Absent.

6. Greens Director Update 

  • A discussion took place in respect of the Beech Hedge planted by Mr. J Fox and Andy Booth at the entrance off the A642.  In particular, how since the removal of dangerous trees along that road this hedge could benefit from being extended to the War Memorial to the left of the entrance. Action Andy B to source additional saplings to extend the hedge.
  • A discussion took place in respect of “moles” on the course and control systems in place to manage the damage they cause.  Dave C confirmed that several moles have already been killed both on the 1st and side of the 10th and that traps are in place where new moles are suspected.

7. Verbal requests from members.

  • A request was made to add further lagging to the metal poles supporting the practice nets. This was discussed and although lagging can be sources the pole size prevents simply attending at B&Q to obtain suitable cover.  Dave C to source

8. Emails from members

  • An email was received from a member questioning if bridges and mats could be “salted” to prevent slipping on ice during winter conditions.  This was discussed and although possible raised questions as to whether the course should be open when temperatures allow ice to form on these areas.  It was agreed that when open and icy conditions develop the use of salt on bridges / footpaths might be appropriate and that the club would buy some of the recently released de-icer for astro turf which could be used. n.b. ordinary salting material rots mats. Action Andy B to provide a fuller response to the author.
  • An email was received from a member questioning the decision to close the course due to flooding on 30th Dec 2107 and the early time that decision was made.  This issue was discussed at length reiterating the advice given to green staff around checking specific areas of the course, greens for standing of rising water when walked upon and the latest weather forecast before a decision is made.  It was also agreed that the earlier this decision is made is seen as beneficial to the membership and should not be delayed until first light as many members would already be at the course or en-route.  Action Dave C to reiterate process to green staff and Andy B to provide a fuller response to the auther.

9. AOB

  • Nothing raised

10. Date and time of next meeting.

  • 2pm Thursday 8th February 2018