An Introduction from the Greens Director, Sid Summers.

Placeholder imageI would like to tell you a little bit about myself by a way of introduction for those who don’t no me. I started playing golf in 1984 in the miners strike, joining Staincross golf course at Barnsley and then joining Normanton the following year, where I have been a member ever since, and where I got down to a single figure golfer.

I have been on the board of directors before when I ran a successful Juniors Section with over 100 members.

One of my main objectives is to work with Head Greenkeeper, Dave Crampton and his team to make this the best golf course around, and for visitors to come and play the course and go away telling friends "I really enjoyed playing Normanton"

Anyone who has any suggestions on how to make the course better I will be happy to listen, or you can contact me at please enable javascript to view .


Sid Summers, Normanton Golf Club.