Greens Director update – 4th April 2018

Course Update

Unfortunately the weather for much of March and now the beginning of April has not been kind to us or our course which has required closure and carry only restrictions for much of the last three weeks. Rain and snow seem to be the order of the day which has left much of the course waterlogged or in some cases under water.
At lunchtime today the below is a brief summary of how we stand:

  • A significant number (almost all) of our bunkers have standing water in them
  • Most fairways have some standing water together with some areas within the rough
  • Several greens have puddles in hollows or at the base of slopes including 3, 9, 10, and 11.
  • We have two sizable “lakes” – one on the 7th / 13th fairway and another around the wooden pylon on the 8th
  • There is a stream running out of the ground and into the fairway bunker on the 16th which exits at the tee end and then flows across the fairway towards the 15th hole.

To address these issues green staff have:

  • We have been regularly solid tining our greens and surrounds throughout the winter to aide drainage.
  • We have ensured all ditches and streams throughout the course are flowing freely,
  • Dave Crampton climbed into the culvert which takes stream water from the 13th pond under the driveway and cleared a blockage.
  • Drainage pipes e.g. those on the 9th which run into the drainage ditch to the right, have been checked for blockages and all appear to be flowing freely,
  • A pump is in use taking water from the 7th / 13th across the road and into the trees to the side of the 12th hole. (see picture below).


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Quiet simply the course, like almost every other course in the region is closed due to flooding.   To illustrate this the PGA tweeted yesterday to all Yorkshire Golf Clubs seeking to find who was open and only Selby responded in the affirmative.
Our Head Green Keeper, Dave C, has said in all his years at NGC he has never seen the course this wet and particularly at this time of year. Furthermore although tomorrow and Friday are set to be fair days the forecast for Saturday (Captains Drive In) is currently showing rain from 0700hrs through to 1600hrs.
I am scheduled to meet with Mr. Captain, Dave C and Gary P tomorrow lunchtime when we will consider options for the weekend.
Like many of you I am frustrated with the weather and subsequent closure of the course however as you will hopefully agree we are doing our best to get the course or parts of the course open as soon as possible.  Fortunately the longer term forecast for April after Tuesday is very favourable with much needed dry days supported by steady winds.
Please be patient, we are not alone in encountering these issues.  Personally I am not on Facebook however I was shown the Garforth Golf Club Facebook page earlier today which has some though provoking pictures of their course much of which is under water and looks equally if not worse than ours.


Best wishes.

 A.S. Booth 

Andy Booth
Greens Director