Greens Director update – 8th February 2018

Course Update

Weather, since my last update, continues to follow the expected pattern for this time of year being both cold and wet.  These conditions are unpleasant and frustrating for us as golfers who just want to play golf and also our Green Staff when trying to develop our course through the planned winter work schedule. 
Whilst the course has had to be closed on a few occasions, through both frost and flooding, I believe the course has stood up relatively well this year with perhaps a little less deep flooding as our drainage ditches and underground pipes have helped remove most of the excess.

Ongoing and future scheduled work

We remain only marginally behind on our planned winter work schedule, however we still anticipate completing the vast majority of our wish list as hopefully the wettest parts of the winter begin to easy away.  As this happens we will hopefully be able to take the heavier machinery back onto the course and complete those tasks.

Winter work update

  • The 4th hole is complete except for placing sand back in the greenside bunker.  This bunker will remain GUR to allow the edging turf to further establish and sand will be installed nearer to the commencement of the “real” golf season in March.
  • The 7th path and amendments to the teeing area approach are almost completed. The final path surface will be undertaken together with all other paths once all winter work on these tasks has been completed.
  • Trees between the 1st and 18th have been felled, burnt in situ or logged for members to take. The stumps will be grounded and the area seeded prior to the season commencing.
  • The path on the 13th is almost complete.  We await turf for the edges and final topping as per 7th.
  • The relocation of the buggy bridge on the 18th will commence within the next week or so subject to weather and ground conditions allowing machinery to operate in that area.
  • The old matting path on the 12th hole to the right of the green from the road through the small copse will be replaced with a similar construction to the paths created on 4, 7 and 13.  Work to commence within the next two weeks.
  • The work on the 6th fairway will be completed as soon as weather conditions permit heavy machinery to work in this area as will the drainage work on the greenside bunker also on the 6th

Other course work

  • Moss killer has been applied to our greens which have now been verti cut twice, spiked and fed.  They will also be verti cut again next week after which it is anticipated that the unsightly dead brown moss will be overtaken by new grass growth as soon as weather conditions allow grass to grow again.
  • Extensive work to “service” bunkers took place last week which unfortunately was washed away by further heavy rain.  This work will be resumed on Friday 9th February which will hopefully bring bunkers back into play for the weekend.

Maintenance work

  • Work will now commence on servicing the machinery fleet prior to the upcoming seasons demands.
  • The pickup truck has again been out of service as a result of its rear springs breaking.  These will be replaced immediately.

How can you help?

Footfall will always turn wet areas into muddy bogs and whilst these are less of a concern away from key playing areas they do present problems around greens.  In this regard I would ask that you carry if at all possible and if you are using a trolley that these are kept 10 yards from greens.  Creating muddy areas near greens in winter presents considerable difficulties when trying to grow consistent grass levels during the summer when we would all like to have “fair” lies to chip off.


As a cricket fan I was rather surprised to read on the BBC cricket web page how 6 of the 7 wettest years since records began have occurred since 2000.  Clearly this affects cricket in terms of turnstile revenue but in terms of golf we are also suffering.  Wetter conditions affect greens, raise the water table across the course and of course results in additional drainage demands and sadly flooding.

Who told you global warming was a myth Mr Trump ?

Many thanks for your patience and support.


A.S. Booth 

Andy Booth
Greens Director