Greens Director update – 25th July 2017

Course Update.
Weather-wise July started as a very dry month requiring nightly use of the irrigation system and considerable use of chemical wetting agent.  However, towards the end of the month our “summer” rain has contributed considerably towards greening up the course, which is now playing soft for shots to many of our greens and reducing some of the hard bounces expected at this time of year.
Some of you may have noticed the wet area as you walk to the 14th tee, which stems from another leak in the irrigation system.  This will be addressed during the winter work programme rather than digging up that area during the playing season.
Issues addressed this month include an attack of fusarium to our greens.  This disease affected many courses in the area and we rectified through spraying.  We have also suffered the seasonal “couch” style long grass shoots on tees and fairways, which the cylinder mowers struggle to catch.  This we resolved by a whole course cut from the rotary mower.
Additions to the course include divot boxes located on the 2nd, 4th and 12th holes for members to repair the tee after use and wire direction loops to help address heavy worn areas near our greens.  These have initially been located on the 1st , 13th and 17th as we seek to keep buggie and trolley use away from green surrounds and regular areas of heavy wear.
The fairway cut has been reduced from 15mm to 12mm providing tighter lies to enable those of you who can achieve backspin to attack the base of the ball.

Upcoming work.
We will be solid tinning and top dressing our greens starting from Monday 7th August.  Current soil samples show very favourable results, which I would put down to the extensive solid tinning which took place throughout the winter.  Please bear with us during this period when greens play differently until the top dressing has been absorbed and holes grown over.
The weekend after this has taken place we have proposed a “Greenkeepers revenge” competition where we will set pins in difficult locations by way of an unusual challenge as playing a qualifying competition on those surfaces is unfair.

Members Night
Members again volunteered to attend on Friday 28th July to help prepare the course in advance of our Captains big day. You will recall that it rained heavily that afternoon and most of the night flooding many of our bunkers and greens. The assistance of those volunteers allowed our green staff to focus on other tasks to keep the course open and the 3,000 or more divots repaired helped to make maintain our fairways for the following day and weeks ahead.
I am unsure if the course would have been playable the following day but for their assistance. Many thanks to you all who attended.

Buggies and Trolleys
Can I close in once again asking members to please keep buggies and trolleys away from green surrounds.  Ten yards would be ideal.  To illustrate the impact of these on our course I have attached two photographs below.  One showing the right of the 12th green before Captains Day and the second showing the impact of buggies and trolleys the next day.  Damage such as this makes chipping from our surrounds difficult and affects us all.  Please consider where you drive your buggie or wheel your trolley when near the greens. I know which surface I’d rather chip from.


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Many thanks for your support.

Andy Booth
Greens Director

Greens Director