Captain's Update - Aug 21st

As the golf season moves into the last 2 months I would like to wish all the competitors good luck in their respective forthcoming finals.

Thank you to all of the people who have been the captains / organisors of the sections, your work, time & effort is appreciated as the running of your respective sections would not  be able to function without your help.

The past few weeks have been a difficult time for myself, Directors and the staff at the golf club in light of recent issues that have come to light. 
I would be grateful if the members would be supportive of the staff during this time, all of whom are working together to maintain the day to day running of business. Your help is appreciated.

On the golf course we have been able to present a high quality golf course during the very hot summer period with greens that are the envy of many other clubs. I can honestly say that I have not played on any golf courses within West Yorkshire or surrounding areas that have greens anywhere near as good as ours, this has also been the opinion of players of teams from other Golf Clubs who have played at NGC in their respective leagues. It is a massive turn around from members comments in April, well done Dave and your staff. 

The practice facilities are underway and has been received well. The hard ground has made things difficult with containing the balls within the practice area, I would be grateful if people would be mindful of using appropriate clubs taking into account the distance we have to work with. In the first 4 weeks we have lost a few balls through inerrant shots and from balls being stolen by people walking through the area. We are monitoring the progress of the practice facility and if viable we will endeavour to have perimeter fencing put in place and some kind of covered area.  If anyone does has some old golf balls sat doing nothing they will be well received at the pro shop ( Sid have a look in your bag and get rid of those Penfold Commanders!!) Your support is appreciated.

On my Captains day I was provided with various prizes that had been kindly donated by various people, (thank you) that were to be “auctioned” and the proceeds of which were for my charity. One prize, a signed Wakefield Wildcats shirt has been taken, if anyone has knowledge of the shirt and has forgotten to make the payment I would be grateful if they would do so.

Other prizes I have available are various 4 balls at the following Golf Clubs;

  • Forest Pines; (£80) Valid until 31/05/19
  • Denton; £60 (Manchester);- Valid until 31/05/19
  • Whitley Bay; £60 Valid until 30/06/19
  • Bugham Park; £60 (Northumberland);- Valid until 31/05/19


Looking forward to the next few weeks I am looking to hold a “Ryder Cup” match on Sunday 30th September 2018, followed by pie & peas and a few beers in one of our lounges/ bars as we watch Europe hopefully beat the USA. I would like to have 2 teams each consisting of 12 players and have 6 4bbb match play games. (If more are interested this can be increased) . The tee times will be approx 9;30am - 10.00am. If anyone is interested in playing on the day please let me know ASAP.

Finally I would like to thank all of the people who have given me support throughout my year so far as your Club Captain and wish all of you the best for the remainder of the golf season.

Dean Mountain
Club Captain.