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New grip arrivals & deals

New P2 Tour Putter Grips

The key feature of the P2 putter grip range is the patented positioning of the shaft within the putter grip.  Unlike other putter grips the shaft is positioned through the centre, in the P2 putter grip the shaft is positioned at the back of the grip.  This effectively elevates the golfer’s hands at address, locks the wrists in place and creates sought after shaft-forearm symmetry. 

New Golf Pride Pro Only putter grips and Tour Wrap Microsuede Grips

The new Golf Pride Pro only putter grips comes in 3 sizes and a traditional feel, a tour favourite.  Also from Golf Pride we have stock of the new Tour Wrap with Microsuede technology.  The grip offers a great soft feel and superb traction.

Lamkin Crossline Special!!

Get 5 or more clubs regripped with the very popular Lamkin Crossline grip for only £4 per grip!! Only whilst stocks last.

Coaching Corner - Don't hit down with your irons!

Whilst I was learning to teach golf one of the myths we were taught was 

"Hit down to make the ball go up"

This could have a detrimental effect on your game and how well you strike and the direction you hit your irons.

Have a look at the picture of Tiger above. Notice the blur of his hands. Notice how they are moving UP through impact.

Hitting down on the ball can cause the following:

  • Slow the club speed 
  • Reduce our ability to square the clubface 
  • Reduce the width of the clubhead arc – creating strike inconsistency
  • Create less consistency with the swing path
  • Reduce our ability to release the club, causing a low launch and reducing the bounce of the club
  • Create a smaller margin for error regarding ground strike

One of my favourite drills is to hit irons of a high tee, this encourages a great shallow hit which in turn will help with direction, strike and distance.

To hit better irons feel your hands and body working up through impact and please don't keep your head down!!!!
Bargain Corner

Sky Caddie Linx GT GPS Watch with smart tags - was £269 now only £99

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